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Bernie Worrell & the WOO Warriors

Review 03/26/98 From: PFUNK53

Bernie Worrell and the Woo Warriors played at Da Funky Fish in Bayshore Long Island last night, Thursday 3/26/98. I got there around 10pm. The warm up band was pretty good. They played what I would describe as ska/funk. Due to the small stage BW & crew didn't hit the stage until 12pm. The venue was a long narrow bar with the stage in the back. $15 at the door was the admission and the barmaids were quite saftig. The Woo Warriors started the show with the standard Sly Stone cut Thank You for lettin'me be mice elf again, which leads into Red Hot Mama. Y Spy was next followed by the old Funkadelic classic If You Don't Like the Effects..... Straight Ahead followed. The new song 'Fingers' featured a nice guitar solo by Mike Ruben. Supegroovalistic was exceptional as always, and was followed by Comin' Round The Mountain. Mike was also amazing on the intro to Baby, I Owe You Something Good. He played the mandolin part on his guitar to perfection. Can You Get To That was the next song up. The Woo Warriors then went into the instrumental "Mask" from the Pieces of Woo cd. This song featured some awesome drumming by Van Romain and some great keyboard/guitar dueling between BW & Mike. I haven't seen that dueling since the Tramps show with Fujinski on guitar. The next song was the treat of the night. 'Smokey' with Greg Fitz on lead vocals backed up by BJ Nelson blew me away. I was even more surprised when I saw some other people in the audience singing along. I guess Long Island does have the funk. The encore was Thumpasaurus with alot of thumping & bumping from Donna Mc Pherson's bass. The show ended around 2am. It was also nice to see the Woo Warriors stretch out some of the songs for a change with some solos. Bernie also played to an enthusiastic crowd who didn't care how late it was getting. Lots of audience participation. I can't say it enough, but if the Woo comes within 150 miles of your town run to see them you will be glad that you did. Rich

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